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Who makes ravin arrows

As a true innovator, we're always re-inventing the wheel. 2" high-profile offset vanes stabilize hunting broadheads with ease. With lightweight, standard weight, and heavyweight crossbow bolts readily available, finding which will work best for a shooting or hunting situation is just a matter of understanding your options. The Science of Archery. They have shot themselves in both feet. com. Sportsman's Guide has your CenterPoint Carbon Crossbow Arrows, 425 Grain, 20 Inch, 6 Pack available at a great price in our Crossbow Accessories collection Today, the best crossbow can deliver as much as 440 FPS, literally providing enough kinetic energy to take down an elephant (where it’s legal, of course). It’s true lighter arrows fly faster, but remember that faster is not always better. I’ve seen groups tighten up quite a bit when the change was made. Heartwood (the red wood that makes up the center of the tree) is the opposite, excelling under compression. This means that there are no issues if you have to sneak through a bush or brushwood in order to snipe down your prey. Find a full selection of Ravin Crossbows crossbows, arrows, cases, slings The Parker Hunter carbon crossbow arrows are extremely durable and fly with incredible straightness. 100-gr. We carry JUST ABOUT EVERYTHING by Ravin. Compound crossbow with 3 20" carbon arrows, 3x32mm illuminated scope, parallel quiver, rope cocker and rail lube (Model: AXCV200TPK) The Ravin Crossbows R26 Predator represents one of the most compact crossbows on the market! Weighing just 6. LED illuminated nocks powered by Nockout® technology. Their light weight to stiff spine ratio and straightness (+/- 0. Received my order that I placed Monday for new custom arrows and Rage broadheads. So when you are looking and comparing different crossbows, the numbers will be calculated using similar arrows to give you an accurate result. Ravin’s R26 axle-to-axle width is an amazing 5. The Ravin is termed rail less bow meaning the arrow doesn't come in contact with the rail which is what guides the arrow a regular crossbow. Powered by Helicoil technology, this revolutionary crossbow has several design advantages that provides unmatched downrange accuracy with every shot. What I've done to judge the best crossbow Straight to the point - the best crossbow for 2019 is the Ravin R26, basing the result on a wide range of factors, from speed and power, to safety and - importantly - value for money. The crossbow has attracted a lot of positive feedback in the archery industry. At just 29” in total length and maintaining the 6” axle to axle cocked width from previous models, the Ravin R29 is as stealthy as they come. A recurve crossbow is quieter than a compound style because there are no moving mechanisms. Replaces strings and cables of Ravin crossbows; Recommended to replace strings and cables at local pro shop; You can also replace at Ravin Service Department; Use only the Ravin Press to replace the strings and cables; Do not use the Ravin Bow Press on any other crossbow The new R9 Crossbow from Ravin delivers rifle-like accuracy, handling and devastating killing power for hunters demanding the best gear for their hunt. Many people choose to purchase +/-. Scorpyd Crossbows will answer any of your questions, so feel free to contact us at your earliest convenience through email, or call us at 319-538-8540. Shop our top-selling products for your compound bow or crossbow now. The injection molding processes used to create the forearm makes it so reliable. We have Archery Inserts for different weights so that you can find the perfect one for you. 25 inches long it is one of the most compact bows out there. TenPoint is now the one-stop source for crossbow arrows. Ravin R20 Crossbow Package, Crossbow Case, 6 Arrows Editors Favorite . Ravin Crossbows have been designed from the stock forward to deliver superior accuracy, more punishing downrange energy and a better shooting experience, all this in the most compact crossbow to ever fire an arrow. When you are on the hunt, be confident you have the best arrows on the market in your quill. SET OF 6. If I didn’t do this the scope would have come loose. Ravin Chose the Gold Tips because they had plenty of spine and they were cheaper then black eagles or any other OEM supplier. The compound-style crossbow comes with everything you need to get started, including an illuminated scope for late-night or early morning aiming and a quiver that holds 3 arrows. These Parker Hunter carbon crossbow arrows are a must have for serious crossbow hunters that demand accuracy in the field. Ravin mentioned this earlier this year when they switched from Gold Tip arrows to Black Eagle Arrows. This is the best crossbow I have ever had. Pushing the nock in turns on the light, and pulling it turns it off. Lightweight Bolts (less than 350 grains) Moreover, the three arrows quiver is attached right below to the crossbow so that the arrows can stay in there without roaming around with arrows in your hand. A beautiful combination of speed, power and accuracy unmatched in the crossbow industry. However, when it comes down to it the Barnett Whitetail Hunter II took the lead by a small margin. The Nockturnal® nocks patented, unique bow-string-activated, linear switch is piston driven and ensures L. TheCrossbowStore. Ravin r15 Crossbow is a beautiful combination of speed, power, and accuracy which makes it unique from others. Feature LED illumination powered by a lithium battery in the nock. Designed to bring premium performance to entry-level crossbow hunters. So far I have purchased 12 arrows, lost two getting the Ravin crossbow sighted in, of the ten left, 5 are perfect or nearly so and shoot into 3" at 60 yards, 5 are poorly fletched with vanes canted slightly to the left. 001” for maximum downrange accuracy. The American Made Gold Tip Velocity Pro arrows are non weaved carbon arrows that are ideal for both hunting and 3D. Its greatly reduced diameter makes it resist wind drift for long range The AXE 340 brings BEST IN CLASS performance, Value, Accuracy, and a lifetime warranty at an unmatchable price. 5 inches wide when un-cocked. Fully Assembled/Pre-Tuned; 6 - 400 gr. Furthermore, the product comes fully assembled so no hassle of getting tools and fixing different parts together. Selecting what is proper for your bow setup and arrows is a complicated process and best not left to the novice. The Raven has a sleek rifle-like design. Powered by the groundbreaking HeliCoil™ technology, the new Crossbow from Ravin delivers rifle-like [. Ravin Crossbows of Superior, Wis. Ravin R20 Sniper Design. Shop for Best Price Ravin Bolts 400gr. Add to cart. All things Archery. But it’s also the most expensive. The new R26 will be available in the new Predator Dusk Camo, exclusive to Ravin Crossbows. This package is really helpful for your needs. We know hunting crossbows. Some of the most common and basics archery targets are filled bags. Its compact design makes it easy to travel with especially that it has a sturdy handle used for carrying it. com makes writing questions and answers even better! We’ll save all of your questions and answers in your account, provide you easy access to them, so you can see how the community has responded. With an incredible axle-to-axle measurement of a mere 6 inches at full draw, this makes the Raven Crossbow significantly smaller and narrower than any crossbow on the market. Swhacker Broadheads - better than the rest. "We have 20 patents either issued or pending," Pulkrabek said. Have been getting my arrows from you guys for a few years now and they, like your service are top notch. 25 Apr 2017 This 8. The gunmetal grey color makes it suitable for wilderness use. This means that you can use the crossbow for fast shots, and the arrows are made to work with this crossbow specifically. Let’s take a look at the specs of the Gold Tip Velocity Pro arrow shafts. Bench rest rifle shooters love the crossbow's ability to put each and every crossbow arrow, shot after shot in nearly the same hole at 40 yards, consistantly. 10TopTech made this list, after great research by keeping an eye on price, quality, durability and user experience. So shop around, go shoot the bows, and get what you like best. Sure, Barnett makes much better models, but those models have higher prices. RAVIN R10 Crossbow. Helicoil Cams: At the heart of what makes these bows special is their cams. While it's a bit expensive, it's worth the investment and lasts for at least a thousand Crossbow Broadheads, Tuning For Superior Accuracy: If you're using fixed blade broadheads out of a crossbow, tuning the broadhead is critical and while it may seem frustrating to do this, the rewards of doing so will be less time wasted looking for bad hit animals and more meat in the freezer. They claim that every Horton is built to exceed expectations for as long as you own it. 001” • High-impact brass threaded inserts • 2” high-profile offset vanes • High-impact aluminum nock bushings • Ravin-engineered Lighted nocks. The Ravin comes fully assembled and pre-tuned. High impact ravin engineered polymer nocks, brass threaded inserts and aluminum  Hard-hitting, incredibly accurate! Accurate, stable flight to your target! These 400- grain Ravin Lighted Arrows are made from 100 percent pure carbon and offer  The Ravin Premium Arrows are made of high strength 100% pure carbon construction. Bloodsport arrows and broadheads are designed to sail straight and sink deep, carving out massive wound channels for swift, ethical kills. Since most companies do not actually build their own arrows and others who may build arrows are not archers of any length of time, it becomes more and more critical to explain the mechanics of an arrow and why it is important to choose arrows that are truly the quality you should expect. That's why we can proudly say, CAMX: Built like no other. Killer Instinct is not necessarily a huge name in hunting bows, but they have carved themselves a place in the market for affordable hunting crossbows. 001. When deciding on weight for a broadhead for your crossbow, consult the manufacturer's recommendations. The R26 is Ravin’s most compact crossbow ever at just over 26 inches long. Consistency arrow to arrow actually makes the difference in a quality set of arrows. Of course, if you can afford to spend more, then you can get a better bow. Its velocity combined with 100 yards scope illuminated scope makes this Ravin R10 a very efficient hunting device. 75 inches when fully-drawn – making the Ravin R26 the most compact crossbow on the market. 75-inch scope has a variable speed and arrow drops compensation setting for Or watch this video made by Ravin Crossbows. 001 shaft Black Eagle Executioners (BEEs) would be a good choice. 003” while the Premium model has a precise straightness tolerance of . Its Whisper silencing system helps make your shots from this crossbow as quiet as possible, making it a great hunting weapon. Field Tips and an Accessories Bracket. Boasting speeds of 430 FPS this small, compact crossbow packs a punch downrange. O. CAMX Crossbows are American engineered and manufactured. Pack Qty: 6. If you want to polish your archery skills, then you need to start thinking in the line of getting yourself some important accessories. com | Reviews and Shipping options available It comes with the Polyfusion Technology that makes it robust and durable, taking up the strength of your arrows hundreds of times without any issues. Parker Ambusher Review - Conclusion The Ambusher is clearly a step in the right direction for Parker. That makes this a versatile piece of gear that you will love using. All crossbows come with a recommendation from the manufacturer regarding the length of the arrows you should use; when purchasing new arrows, you should make sure that they are the same length as recommended. We shoot arrows in our compound bows. TenPoint Pro Elite Crossbow Arrows w/ Omni-Brite 2. We opted for the crossbow sling and the Ravin soft case that comes with backpack straps and enough pouches to carry extra gear. Lighted design powered by Nockout technology. The company is one of the newest in the industry, having just released their first crossbow (R9) back in the 4. Buy products such as Carbon Express 20" Carbon Crossbolt at Walmart and save. Ravin Arrows w/Orange Nocks . 5 Best Crossbow Broadheads for the Money – 2018 Reviews and TipsThere are so many choices of crossbow broadheads available on the market that makes the decision of finding the right one overwhelming. Either way, your scouts are sure love these arrows. But we have to tell you that the brand new Crossbow Ravin R15 is Custom-built, the Firenock AeroBolt Series (II & III) crossbow arrows can be cut down to Disclaimer : Firenock does not make nocks for Ravin crossbows or any   RAVIN . This bow is amazingly fast, accurate and smaller than anything else on the market—and that makes it a joy to hunt with. crossbow diy,crossbow accessories,crossbow arrows,survival tips,survival gear Ravin Predator R9 Crossbow Predator Camo | Ravin Archery Warehouse has been outfitting archers and bowhunters for over 18 years. Bag Targets . Ackerville Archery Outdoors LLC July 24 at 2:21 PM · I’m placing an order for Block Targets or anything else from FeraDyne Outdoors so if you need a targets or anything from the Muzzy, Rage, Carbon Express, Nockturnal, TruFire, Rocky Sights, Wac Em broadheads, Gorilla Gear, Apple Archery, Eastman Outdoors or Apple Archery let me know. The Ravin R10 has an unequal velocity with an axle-to-axle as small as 6. They are, sadly, still illegal in some states. Built with high-strength 100% pure premium carbon construction. With an incredible axle-to-axle measurement of a mere 6 inches at full draw, this makes the Ravin Crossbow significantly smaller and narrower than any crossbow on the market. 6 hours ago · Ravin R26. with a Ravin raises the bar again for 2019 with the introduction of their new R26 crossbow. When the R9 and R15 were released in 2017, their narrow frames and incredible speeds revolutionized the industry. $74. Check out the new Ravin @ ravincrossbows. 003 Per 3 Specially designed for Ravin crossbows Ensures easier retrieval at night or in low-light conditions High-impact brass threaded inserts and aluminum nock bushings Match up these Ravin 20" Lighted Bolts with your Ravin Crossbow to maximize performance and ensure easier retrieval at night or in low-light c Ravin Arrow Nocks 12 packHigh impact Ravin engineered polymer nocks are designed to lock into Ravin's Trac-Trigger Firing System. When considering What Wing Feather to Shoot it is an old belief that Right handed (RH) shooters must shoot Left Wing (LW) so the arrow spins away from the riser. 003 Arrows Of course, it makes sense that a heavier arrow will travel slower than a lighter one. Feather fletchings are lighter than vanes, and lay flat when come into contact to not impede arrow flight. Ravin, Esq. WhiteHigh impact nocksWorks with This 150 grain broadhead with 3 fixed blades delivers a very accurate flight and provides deeper penetration than most of the ones we’ve covered. The design is compact and aerodynamic, ensuring more penetration. 2. Item # 2440007. three 20″ headhunter arrows; Overall, this is great crossbow for the money if you are on a budget and need something cheap. On the 13 th position we have the Ravin Crossbows. Features. It is quite similar to traditionally arrows as far as functionality is concerned but different regarding speed, weight, trajectory, and result. Crossbow bolts vary in size. Or perhaps you would like to attach them to an Arrow of Light plaque (might I suggest taking a look at the ready-made Arrow of Light Plaques I sell). Ravin R29. The makers of this product did not rush to the market but instead went back to the drawing board with a goal of creating the most effective and innovative crossbow possible. With a handsome, slim and sleek design, these Bow Cases by Ravin have backpack-style strapping that makes transport a breeze. p. It was a little difficult making a final decision about which crossbow makes the top of the list. 3-PACK • Use in Ravin Crossbows only • 100% pure carbon construction • Straightness tolerance: . appeared as lead article in the Intellectual Property & Life Sciences, supplemental issue of the New Jersey Law Journal (April 9, 2012) written by Richard L. SPECS The Ravin R26 is the most compact 400 fps ever introduced into the crossbow world. Use Quality Broadheads The business end of a hunting arrow is the broadhead. Browse through our site to find Arrow Inserts that will fit into your arrow shafts. They shoot good but they aren't all that and a bag of cheetos. Ravin’s R26 axle-to-axle width is an amazing 5. What I loved about this bow is its compact design. Ravin Crossbows has come out with some revolutionary designs the past few years, and 2019 is no different! Introducing the all-new, Ravin R29. This is not a typical bow company, they have locked in every component must come from Ravin or your warranty is gone. Our technologies are focused on making your hunt better in meaningful ways. Archery. Arrows, on the other hand, range between the length of 30 to 34 inches. A craftsman who makes arrows is a fletcher, and one that makes arrowheads is an arrowsmith. It is lightweight, accurate and easily adjustable, which makes it easy to carry about and easy to use in the field. This unique crossbow can easily send 400 grain hunting arrows downrange at speeds of over 390 feet per second. And while its 103 ft-lb of kinetic energy is not as impressive as that of the Ravin it is still something. Safely transport your fully assembled Ravin crossbow in this Ravin Crossbows Soft Case R180. It shoots a speedy 380 feet per second with a draw weight of 185 pounds. Mainstream archery calls all wooden bows longbows, however when you're in the wooden bow world there are more distinct categories, which are explained below. Modern crossbows are more powerful and accurate than ever. 399,- EUR is the package price, incl. The Barnett ghost has a   An arrow is a fin-stabilized projectile that is launched via a bow, and usually consists of a long recorded history and is common to most cultures. 15 Nov 2017 If you have any older Ravin® arrows with the original white clip-on If the Ravin ® Crossbow still does not discharge, move the Safety to the  Take aim with confidence using high-performance crossbow bolts from DICK'S Sporting Goods. Includes high-impact Ravin polymer nocks, brass threaded inserts and aluminum nock bushings. This fully assembled and pre-tuned crossbow was born and ready to devastate all hunting grounds with its blasting 425 FP I got wrist injuries and the Ravin has been a blessing. All of the canted vane arrows shoot to the left 6 " at 40 yards. Just like an AXE this crossbow is designed to take care of all your needs, capable of taking down any animal in any situation. The velocity is an impressive 345 feet per second. This combination of strength and noiselessness makes it truly stand out. 135 serving spec such as the Raven bow. free 2 Day Shipping Save 15% Brand Ravin from variety stores in usa. This will go 3, 4 5 and 6 fletch arrows at varying degrees plus other combinations you’ve not even thought about yet. 99, Buy Now. Buy products such as Mossy Oak Hunting Accessories Carbon Arrow Inserts 12 ct Carded Pack at Walmart and save. One of the chief complaints I’ve seen online is accuracy. Add To Cart · Ravin  Simmons Sporting Goods features RAVIN ARROWS R133 400 GR MATCH from RAVIN CROSSBOWS LLC. The new R26 is Ravin’s most compact and lightweight crossbow to date. Crossbows for target practice or hunting. It can be comfortably carried all day long. Many crossbows are already sold in a package with arrows, so the numbers will be calculated using those arrows. For those who want to use the Ravin for ultra big game, the AeroBolt II Dragon Slayer is also available. There are more makes, models and styles of hunting broadheads available than you can shake a stick at. Tenpoint Crossbow Technologies Nitro Xrt Crossbownewly Added Brand Tenpoint Crossbow Technologies. I can tell you south shore nor Tapp nation make arrows for Ravin bows and they will not refletch ravine arrows. . 003 (3 Pack) quantity. The next on this list is the Ravin R20, this is a machine on itself that has a lot of features and pros to enjoy. Removing your arrows is still made simple while you can depend on it putting a stop to your arrows even with repeated use. It works as advertised and more, making it an excellent target that stops arrows regardless of its weight. I think part of the chatter on this is due to Ravin’s marketing. They found out very quickly when folks began to shoot them there was an issue. $69. Brooks Archery 2834 Portage Street Kalamazoo, MI. and Canada. 6. They’ve sparked countless debates. Its one of the highest rated in the market with a reasonable price tag. Here are the things that stood out for me: The price for this bow is not crippling. Recognizing a need for high-quality broadheads that can be shot from today’s powerful crossbows, NAP has created a full line of crossbow broadheads that are durable, razor sharp and pin point accurate. Any Company that makes you buy their arrows to keep warranty, is tryin to lock you up strickly to their stuff. 006 arrows and cut the ends off to get a +/-. If at the time will discount more Savings So you already decide you want have Ravin Scope Level Save 38% Brand Ravin for your, but you don't know where to get the best price for this Ravin Scope Level Save 38% Brand Ravin . Shop RAVIN CROSSBOWS R20 Predator Camo Crossbow (R020). An arrow is a shaft tipped with either a field point or broadhead on one end and a fletching and a nock on the other. My wife and I are avid crossbow hunters. Having an account with OpticsPlanet. It has a package that includes brand new Ravin bolts and nocks, New 100 grain practice field points, New removable cocking handle and a new quiver/mounting bracket. This bow is also part of a complete package and the kit includes a lot more for the money than the ones you see listed up above. With field points or low profile broad heads (expandables) you should see great accuracy. RAVIN . Don’t fall into the crossbow broadheads vs regular broadheads debate. From Carbon Express arrows and crossbow bolts to Easton Archery, shop single arrows or bolts from a variety of brands. Ravin R20 Crossbow Brand Ravin. So it makes sense, the straighter the arrow, the more accurate the arrow. Get ready to bring home your next trophy by lining up your shot with the Ravin R26 Crossbow, which provides shooting speeds up to 400 fps. The target in the study was deer, which are a species that offers a size and kill zone that makes both fixed blade and mechanical arrows somewhat equal. Enjoy the crossbow reviews. Add to Wish List Compare. Shooting groups can damage your arrows, and shooting a damaged arrow can be very dangerous, ALWAYS INSPECT YOUR ARROWS. The first crossbows on this list will be a collection of the best crossbows under 500$ after that we will take a look at the higher end crossbows. First Impressions Quite simply, Ravin makes the smallest and most technologically advanced crossbows of all time, and the R29 is its flagship. Both packages come fully assembled with the Ravin Crossbow, Illuminated Scope, 3-Arrow Quiver, Draw Handle, 6-Pack of 400 gr. Another value feature is the magnification is great and I don’t have to keep putting batteries in it. "The primary difference is the Helicoil (cable) system. The leader in crossbows and crossbow accessories, TenPoint sets the crossbow industry standard for performance, quality and customer service. For 2018, the company replaced those two models with three new, improved offerings: the R10, the R20 and the R20 Sniper Package. Note: Use only Ravin-branded arrows with Ravin clip What are the Best Crossbow Bolts in 2019 Difference between crossbow arrows and crossbow bolts? Some individuals refer to the projectiles fired by crossbows as bolts, whereas others call them arrows. Most manufacturers will use a 400 grain arrow and may well supply or recommend specific arrows for their crossbow to allow you to achieve the advertised speeds. 5-inch power stroke and measures just 26 inches in length. Ravin Crossbows High Performance Bolt SCHEELS. DNT. S. com carries aluminum and carbon crossbow bolts from 16 to 22 inches. For use only on Ravin crossbow arrows. free 2 Day Shipping Save 15% Brand Ravin . The most surprising addition to our list of the fastest crossbows is the Ravin R15. Have an in-depth look at the elements that place Ravin R9 Predator at the top as the best crossbow. Custom-built, the Firenock AeroBolt Series (II & III) crossbow arrows can be cut down to any length and thus can be used on any Ravin crossbow. 00 Brand Tenpoint Crossbow Technologies. A loose scope makes it impossible to sight in . Both carbon and aluminum arrows work well, but by far the most rugged and high-tech are made from carbon. bolts by Black Eagle Arrows with 100-gr. Weighing in at only 6. I shoot 70 yard shots all day long hit my target hard. com: Crossbow Arrows Bolts. 001 Ravin Arrows or 3 . The housing is made of high-quality aluminum and the single piece construction makes it really dependable in the field. If you’re looking for an arrow that surgically penetrates with blistering speed and will stand up to real-world abuse, you have found it. This swiss crossbow looks like a smaller version of itself, simply because she is three-times smaller (in areaspace) than other, “space consuming They have thier disadvantages. 003 Match-Grade Lighted Arrows (6Pk) with Case Bundle. If you find product , Deals. That makes the Ravin R9 Predator one of the fastest crossbows you can lay your hands on. The bow type mattered greatly as crossbows provide more direct power and deeper penetration using mechanical broadheads. 5 inches when cocked. 003 arrows are included with the bow from the factory. Take unmatched downrange accuracy with you into the woods this bow season with the Ravin Crossbows R10 Crossbow Package. Lighter arrows fly more quickly, but arrows which are too light can damage your equipment. We set up & service all makes/models of traditional bows, compound bows and crossbows. High impact Ravin engineered polymer nocks, brass threaded inserts  These are great arrows plus they are the only arrows you can shoot in a Ravin X- bow. E. These new Firenock U nocks are a virgin flo single cavity mold made nock that has a concentric fit and in our bolt offerings there is no need for a nock bushing. The Excaliber crossbow package comes with an adjustable scope that helps in maintaining accuracy whilst game hunting and comes with 4 arrows straight out of the box. Custom arrows made to order arrows and archery supplies The Ravin Crossbow has a sleek rifle-like design. bow press, 3 -9 x 40 red or green illuminated AIA crossbow scope, 2 x 3 arrow quiver, 6 arrows, Twinbow hardcase, manuel book, hex key and the Twinbow II. using the supplied Ravin 400-gr. Gold Tip Kinetic Pierce Platinum 6-Pack Arrows. All from the same dealer but As you have seen so far in this Barnett Wildcat C6 review, there are a few things that Barnett have perfected in this new Wildcat iteration. Guess what I'm saying is it's a good choice in a field where there a lot of good choices. The Patented crossbow Capture® nocks are a revolutionary break-through in crossbow arrow nock technology. This is the ULTIMATE Ravin R10 crossbow package!!! We take the Ravin R10 bow and took the guesswork out of making a "ready to hunt" package. Rage built their name on the unique and patented SlipCam™ Technology, rearward deploying mechanical blades that deploy and cut unlike any other mechanical broadheads ever. Many makes, models and styles of hunting broadheads are available. Rage is the world leader in lethal broadhead technology. His Veins Run Cold When He Realizes Who's Been Haunting The Homestead All Along - Duration: 19:49. The only bolts designed for use with Ravin™ Crossbows Ravin's High Performance Crossbow Arrows deliver consistent downrange accuracy with minimal loss of kinetic energy. The following is a buyer’s guide and a […] Crossbows, Shooting and Tuning For Accuracy. The speed, being 320 fps, is perfect for hunting up to medium size game I had to really screw down the scope to keep it fastened to my crossbow. Priced at less than $400, this lightweight bow can shoot arrows at speeds of up to 350 FPS. In the never-ending quest for superior speed and rifle-like accuracy, Ravin has reached a new pinnacle. Practice makes perfect. Additionally, all AeroBolts, at purchase, can be built for a 2, 3 or 4 vane configuration. A sleek rifle-like crossbow powered by Ravin’s Helicoil™ technology, this fully assembled and pre-tuned crossbow measures just 6″ from axle to axle when it’s cocked and ready to fire. At this price point, we highly recommend the Barnett Recruit. High-impact brass-threaded inserts and aluminum nock bushings. 8. However, it is the fastest crossbow they have ever made. Differences: Ravin R9 vs R15. Ravin Crossbows Ravin Arrow Nocks Orange Set of 12 We will go over the essential parts of the arrow so that you can make a more informed decision. T his crossbow has what you'd expect from a high quality crossbow and it comes at such an affordable price. The cables rotate away on The new for 2019 Ravin R29 features a crossbow that is compact and narrow. Designed to replace ONLY Ravin lighted arrow nocks in Ravin lighted arrows. This makes the Ravin significantly narrower than any crossbow on the market – for rifle-like handling. Tenpoint Crossbow Technologies Turbo Gt Crossbow Package W/ 3x Pro-View 2 Scope Save Up To $81. Changing or switch- ing arrows will lead to trouble and inconsistent accuracy. let’s take a closer look at the characteristics and recommendations of the different weighted arrows. New Ravin R15 Crossbow Achieves Scorching, Long-Range Accuracy. The Gold Tip Kinetic Pierce is a micro diameter arrow that’s built to hunt. TenPoint Crossbow Technologies is a world class manufacturer of crossbows that's recognized as an industry standard for power, performance, precision engineering, durability, and safety. Hunting or shooting with crossbows requires the best broadheads there are on the market. Built in coking system that is extremely easy to use. Crossbow packages available for lightweight, micro, compound, or standard crossbows. We had a chance to catch up with the guys at Ravin Crossbows to get a look at their new R15 crossbow. The crossbow is a sleek design with military style stock, and the arrows can move very fast at a speed of 315 feet per second with 150-pound draw weight. The included arrows are very high quality. s. Use special arrows and you must use a crank which makes it very slow to cock. Its 400 feet per second speed generates a 142 ft-lbs of kinetic energy with 400-grain bolts that allow you to hunt every large game. You should use the custom made for bolt spine, . TenPoint's NEW patent pending all-purpose Omni-Nock makes these special-purpose nocks obsolete. Frictionless Flight ™ System and Trac-Trigger ™ Firing System eliminate accuracy robbing friction and offline nock travel, while the fully integrated Versa-Draw ™ Cocking System makes cocking easy and gives hunters the ability to cock or de-cock the crossbow safely. 5 inches. Some 220,000 nocks in all are believed to have been sold in the United States. There are several Companies that have 390 + speed, so Ravin isn't the only Ball park to play in. There are many people who will find that they can use the crossbow to save their time, to hit their animals correctly the first time, and it makes things easier for you as the hunter. 003 ARROWS. One of the major complaints we have seen online is the accuracy. This bow is high-speed shooting at 400 feet per second. Hello Guys! Well, today in this article we are going to check out the 10 Best Crossbows for hunting this year. It has a nice balance feel/ weight is good and and its ability to cock and uncock the string with no noise is good. Whether you’re a beginner archer or been bowhunting for an extended period of time, getting the best bang for your money should always be on your mind when shopping for a new crossbow. Shop for Mossy Oak Arrows and Shafts in Arrows and Supplies. You can't conduct a bow test without good arrows and targets. , is recalling about 223,600 Ravin arrow nocks sold in the U. THE PIONEER AIRBOW™ is an all-new category of big game weapon featuring full length arrows and full weight broadheads, all driven by air. Dang arrows just blew through the target. They look hot! but the fact you can only use their brand arrows and the five year only warranty kind of turn me off Ravin R15 Crossbow Description of the product Only a few months after the impressive Ravin R9 Crossbow was launched on the market, Ravin Crossbows came out with the new version of the Ravin Predator. Hunting Crossbows Reviews #1 Barnett 78128 Whitetail Hunter II. OutdoorsExperience. Choose from dozens of archery bolts and arrows in an  Aim, fire and get a bull's-eye or take down your prey when you use archery arrows or hunting arrows from Academy Sports + Outdoors. The Centerpoint Sniper 370 is a compact compound crossbow at 18 inches when cocked, and features a durable CNC-machined rail with shoot-through riser, quad limbs fitted with a precision CNC-machined cam system, and fully adjustable M4-style stock and tactical pass-through AR foregrip to account for any shooting style. Arrows measure approximately 29" Present these arrows by themselves, as recognition of earning the Arrow of Light award. Ravin addressed this earlier this year when they switched from Gold Tip to Black Eagle arrows. Archers Helping Archers. When their R15 crossbow hit the market, it raised the bar significantly. Yes, lighted nocks create plenty of buzz and give bowhunters something to talk about, but Ravin Crossbow Kit R10 400fps Save Up To 13% Brand Ravin. In this buying guide you will find all of the information you need to confidentially choose the best archery target for your bow and arrows. It has an axle-to-axle width of just 6 inches when cocked and it is 10. When chocked the Ravin R20 is only 6 inches wide and 10. Can a crossbow be useful way out at 100 yards away? The Ravin R15 has already made big news in the archery world. IBO-spec arrows were VAP VForce Elites cut to 30 inches and weighing 350 grains. This is a high performance crossbow that has both high accuracy and awesome power at a low price. Weighing 6. The difference is that the standard Lighted Arrows have a straightness tolerance of an impressive . CAMX Crossbows take a different approach to technology. Archery arrows are available in a wide range of weights, lengths, materials and point designs. , forever changed popular perceptions about crossbow design and performance with last year’s introductions of the R15 and R9. The nock's ultra-bright orange color and LED illumination makes it easier to find arrows shot in the field. Built with high-strength 100% pure carbon construction; Includes high-impact Ravin polymer nocks, brass threaded  28 Aug 2019 As a result, a Ravin crossbow can generate scorching arrow speeds up to Your browser does not currently recognize any of the video formats  Ravin arrows feature high strength 100 percent pure carbon construction. TWANGnBANG tests out the Ravin R15 to see if it indeed is a 100-yard crossbow. Ravin Crossbows have been designed from the stock forward to deliver superior accuracy, more punishing downrange energy and a better shooting experience, all this in the most compact crossbow to Frictionless Flight ™ System and Trac-Trigger ™ Firing System eliminate accuracy robbing friction and offline nock travel, while the fully integrated Versa-Draw ™ Cocking System makes cocking easy and gives hunters the ability to cock or de-cock the crossbow safely. There are several types of targets available, and each is designed to be used with a particular bow setup. There’s a new crossbow hitting the shelves for 2017 that is really turning some heads. If no recommendations exist, opt for a lighter broadhead. Try out something new or purchase 6-packs of designs that you know will get the job done. 5 pounds, the Ravin R26 generates speeds of 400 FPS from a 9. A) Upgraded Hawke XB30 Compact 2-8X SR with Rings Scope, Ravin R26/R29 Soft Case, 6 ADDITIONAL . The 8 x 24 tactical scope further helps you in aiming right. We carry the popular Carbon Express crossbow bolts, Excalibur crossbow bolts, Horton crossbow bolts, Beman crossbow bolts, PSE crossbow bolts, Gold Tip crossbow bolts, Easton crossbow bolts and so many more. Ravin Crossbows - The world has never seen a crossbow like this. Some arrows shoot great spots at 340 fps, but fly all over the place over 400 fps. “The primary difference is the Helicoil (cable Buy the Ravin Crossbows High Performance Crossbow Arrows and more quality Fishing, Hunting and Outdoor gear at Bass Pro Shops. Crossbow capture nocks are a giant leap forward in nock technology – enhancing accuracy, improving safety and increasing durability. 99. Fully Assembled/Pre Tuned 6 – Ravin Branded Arrows and Ravin Nocks 1 – Removable Cocking Handle 1 – Quiver/Mounting Ravin R9 Predator Camo Crossbow 390 FPS R110 Package Quiver 6 Bolts NEW Brand New & Sealed in unopened Original Packaging. CROSSBOWc1 — Larry Pulkrabek, owner of the company that makes Ravin Crossbows in Superior, describes features of the Ravin R9 crossbow. Compare Price and Options of Ravin Bolts 400gr. Ravin R9 is under 35 inches long and around 6 inches wide, which makes it one of the most maneuverable crossbows on the market. 5 inches when un-cocked. The Ravin Crossbow has a sleek rifle-like design. Ravin recommends use of the Ravin Nock Extinguisher to aid in pulling/turning of these nocks, as they can be stiff. This is an Archery, bow, hunting, bowhunting, discussion forum. Find a full selection of Ravin Crossbows crossbows, arrows, cases, slings Frictionless Flight System: Along with creating perfectly timed cams, the Helicoil technology that makes Ravin crossbows so efficient also allows the arrow to float freely above the rail, eliminating friction which creates more consistent and accurate shots down range. 17 Bob King — 031217. If you are looking for bowhunting supplies, archery equipment, bow sights, arrow components, archery targets, fletching supplies, bows and arrows, or even custom fletched arrows, you have come to the right place. Ravin Lighted Bolts 3pk. The Morrell Yellow Jacket is also considered to be one of the best crossbow targets due to its price and great A recurve crossbow is a traditional style, with tips that curve away from the shooter. stephen exley (Crystal River, FL) - one of the best crossbows ever . If the nock is not fully engaged with the bowstring, the crossbow can fail to discharge After ordering this crossbow, it is shipped to you fully-assembled and already pre-tuned ready for use. SHOT Show 2017 / New from RAVIN Crossbows. Are you looking for the best crossbow for the money? then you are at the right place, Our experts have spent a lot of time in research to find and review the best crossbows for hunting under $400, $500 & $600! Horton is known for their proudly U. You should also know that crossbow bolts are shorter than arrows since the average length of a bolt is 20inches. That makes the R20 ideal for use in tree stands and blinds. R9 Predator Camo The Ravin R9 Crossbow has a sleek rifle-like design. I would advise you to only use Ravin accessories especially arrows. A beauty of the BPE and the reason it makes an appearance in this lineup is the versatility you get at a great price. First, it comes at a fair price which means that you can save some bucks. When it comes to fixed-blade broadheads, the Bolt cutter is among the best you can buy for your crossbow bolts and arrows. While there are fewer crossbows on the market than traditional and compound bows, selecting the best crossbow for the money can still be a cumbersome task that requires hours of research. Its velocity of 304 FPS makes it a compact option for beginners and alike. The engine behind Ravin Crossbows is Helicoil technology. It is easy to assemble. This speedster boasts of speeds up to 425 feet per second (160 lb-ft kinetic energy), and the Ravin R15 is an extremely compact product. designed, manufactured, and assembled crossbows that range from $635 to $2,019. In addition, the recalled nocks were included with Ravin crossbows that sold for between $1,500 and $2,000 and Ravin arrows that sold for between $75 and $110, according to the CPSC. Ravin is a new company in the archery space. The six arrows come with the package, which is heavy-duty in construction. Ravin Lighted Bolts . As an avid crossbow hunter myself, crossbows are deadly and accurate at long A crossbow is a type of elastic ranged weapon in similar principle to a bow, consisting of a bow-like assembly called a prod, mounted horizontally on a main frame called a tiller, which is handheld in a similar fashion to the stock of a long gun. illumination every time. And most recently, the Pope and Young Club, after much internal discussion, voted to change its bylaws and approve their use. 001 illuminated arrows, 3pk of NAP 100 or 125 grain Killzone Broadheads, and a set of Ravin Dampeners (Please be sure to notate your choice of arrows and broadheads in the “Order Notes” section of the check out page. Take unmatched downrange accuracy with you into the woods this bow season with the Ravin Crossbows R20 Sniper Crossbow Package. The Ravin has a small shelf at the trigger that directs the arrow nock on the string. Ravin r20 sniper is a fine crossbow with the overall length of 34. 001″) make them a top choice for many archers. Click To See More Arrows which are too heavy will fly too slowly and with too much loss of trajectory. 6) Use Quality Broadheads The business end of a hunting arrow is the broadhead. Usually this works pretty well. Carbon and aluminum arrows work well, but by far, the most rugged and high-tech are made from carbon. That's right, just 26” in total length, and it still shoulders comfortably! The Helicoil technology introduced in years prior allows the Ravin R26 to reach speeds of up to 400 fps with only a 9. Black Eagle . Here is what you get: We upgrade the scope to the legendary Hawke XB30 Pro Scope with matching rings; We throw in 3 more arrows and 3 ILLUMINATED arrows for a total of 12 with 3 lighted Ravin Crossbow Arrows. $64. Called Ravin they told me they cannot talk about R15 trigger as far as they know this is no reported problems,just people not reading instruction or Mod the string and not using Ravin arrows and nocks,They did have 4 Ravin 15 returned they could tell by trigger box the bows were Mod with over size servings and 3 had bent trigger housing from using wrong nocks . t3. The Ravin R9 Crossbow has a sleek rifle-like design. When this fully assembled and pre-tuned crossbow is on the hunt it measures at 6" from axle to axle when it's cocked and ready to make a definite target. For the hunting-­spec bows, we used Victory Archery Products' RIP TKO Elite arrows in 350 spine, cut to 28 inches and weighing 380 grains. I usually make my own arrows but there is no need to mess with the Ravin  6 Apr 2017 Find parts and smart accessories for your Ravin crossbow. You can get yourself the best arrow fletching jig today as an important accessory important to make the arrow’s accuracy and speed better. The sleek new bow is fast and easy to use, but costs a pretty penny at $1550. I found out quickly my target was not up to the Ravin speed. R10 Predator Camo The Ravin R9 Crossbow Package consists of revolutionary technology dedicated to exceedingly improve every hunters unmatched accuracy. Bob King / Forum News Service SET OF 6 Designed for superior accuracy, speed, kinetic energy and durability High-strength 100% pure premium carbon construction Includes high-impact Ravin polymer nocks, brass threaded inserts and aluminum nock bushings 20” length Note: Use only Ravin-branded arrows with Ravin clip-on nocks Ravin includes six arrows with the crossbow, and you need to use those. The most technologically advanced features are found in their crossbows and this makes them one of the top brands in the industry. All Ravin-branded Lighted Arrows are designed for use ONLY with Ravin crossbows. 5 lbs, the Ravin Crossbows R26 delivers serious performance, speed and accuracy in a concealed package which makes it very maneuverable in tight quarters. Regardless of which arrow you shoot, you no longer need to choose between moon nocks, capture nocks, or flat nocks. Incredible axle to axle of 10" at rest and 6" at full draw makes the Ravin smaller and narrower than any other crossbow on the market. Can’t thank you enough for the great and fast service as well as sharing your knowledge on what best will tune my crossbow to get the max from it. The on/off function of these nocks is a push/pull. $179. The hypodermic broad head presents a special hybrid tip that has quite a surgical precision. With an axle-to-axle measurement of a mere 6inches at full draw, this makes the Ravin Crossbow significantly smaller and narrower than most crossbows on the market. Six Ravin arrows with exclusive Ravin nocks; Ravin has a special sized nock and at this time no one makes them that size Also keep in mind that the Ravin R20 cannot be used in a normal bow press, so most small archery stores are probably not able to do much with an R20 unless they have sold it. field points, the crossbow achieved 428 f. Products 1 - 30 of 37 Model · Manufacturer, Product Image, Product Name+ · Price, Buy Now. This feature gives the hunter a big advantage in the woods. We have sold and assembled HUNDREDS of Ravin’s and they continue to be one of the hottest bows on the market year after year! Why We Love Ravin Crossbows. 4. As a supporter of all forms of hunting, crossbow hunting is no exception. The hunting world gets a wake-up call today as a new brand is born and a revolutionary crossbow hits the market. But you won’t have to make any such sacrifices if you pick the Ravin R20 as its stock is made from cast polymer, a detail that allows it to be lightweight, without giving up on durability. The Ravin package includes a Ravin Crossbow, Ravin-branded arrows and nocks, cocking/decocking crank device, an integrated quiver and a specially-designed speed adjust crossbow scope. Free Shipping. “We have 20 patents either issued or pending,” Pulkrabek said. But as an editor, I'm interested in linguistic precision, which is why I put this question to my sources in the crossbow industry. At the front end of the bow are two rollers that the arrow sits on similar to a vertical rest. When you’re shopping for crossbow bolts or arrows, be sure to consider the following factors: Aluminum is a highly popular choice of arrow material as aluminum arrows have excellent strength, weather resistance and flexibility. Shop for Crossbow Bolts in Arrows and Supplies. At six inches axel to axel and a 13’ power stroke, it is the most compact crossbow ever created. You can quickly shoot the arrows up to 200 yards. Shop for Ravin Crossbows . 5 inches with a width of 10. field points or broadheads recommended. Notice I said spots, not groups. 5” powerstroke. The x-bow makes use of a clip-on nock that works with the frictionless design of the flight rail, and other arrows might not be compatible. Like you we depend on  3 Aug 2019 Ravin Crossbows has recalled 220000 of its plastic arrows folloiwng 44 nocks are made of all white plastic and are used in arrows for Ravin  Shop a full line of Ravin products at MidwayUSA. Adjustable barrel At this point we haven’t even discussed the performance of the bow. Despite the fact that it can fit in a large backpack, the R26 still shoots over 400 fps. This could get costly in the long term. D. Find the greatest selection of Archery Equipment, Archery Supplies and Archery Products at Lancaster Archery Supply - The World Leader in 3D and Target Archery since 1983. Buy best Crossbows from 1800gunsandammo. So you'll need to know a thing or two about arrow mass and industry safety standards before you start sorting through those GPI specifications. Designed by Ravin for Ravin Crossbows. Based on Benjamin’s proven American-made PCP platform, the Pioneer can be cocked with two fingers (and decocked just as easily), fires 8 shots in the same amount of time it takes to fire three from a crossbow, all at a blazing 450 FPS. Its lightweight design makes it easier to carry, and its longer draw length helps increase the bolt speed. RAVIN R-20 Sniper Crossbow. This makes it the ideal belly wood, as it is compacted during the draw. 0 Lighted Nocks. This is one of the best tools for hunters. The sheer power of the R20 comes from a brilliant enhancement to HeliCoil Technology – a 13-inch power stroke that produces 430 FPS and 164 foot pounds of kinetic energy. My maximum range I would The entire body of the nock is made of highly durable materials for a long-lasting performance. Two years later, Ravin is still pushing the envelope. Our last harvest was at 20 yards away. It will do this without purchasing any additional components or upgrades. Crossbow Fact: The crossbow's high precision appeals to those who love accuracy and accurate shooting equipment, myself included. 003 or +/-. They don't want any rope cockers or any arrows other than their junky GT's. At most distances out to 40 or 50 yards. Get free delivery at Overstock - Your Online Hunting Store! Get 5% in rewards with Club O! - 28600096 To achieve maximize accuracy, you should only use arrows recommended by the manufacturer for a specific crossbow, and you should use those for sighting in and hunting every time. How to Choose the Right Arrows for your Crossbow. Plus, the 2 outside zippered pockets and 2 inside zippered pockets are convenient for carrying smaller parts or personal items. Contact us today (603) 659-0575. By: Ravin Crossbows Under $500. At 6 inches axle-axle, it is the most compact crossbow ever created. 400 Grain. Ravin R15 Crossbow. Much of it depends on your current bow, broadhead, hunting level, and so on. Another 3,600 nocks were sold in Canada. Who sells or makes arrow barrels for PCP guns ? I have a lot of arrows from my recurve and compound bows days that I think would work, all my crossbow arrows are Best Crossbow Bolts & Arrows For Hunting Reviews You might think its an exaggeration but finding the best crossbow bolts can be a tall order, but it doesn’t have to be. The updated grip makes it very comfortable and accurate to shoot. However, one peculiar downside would be the absence of anti-fire mechanism which makes it vulnerable to We all know practice makes perfect so you also get a free practice head so that you may improve your skills before going for the real, live action. Renowned arms maker Crosman manufactures this compound crossbow. Match Grade Arrows, 100 gr. Ravin Crossbow Packages hand picked and assembled by the Crossbow Experts themselves. These have been my hunting arrows of choice for several seasons. 001 PREMIUM LIGHTED ARROWS. When purchasing new arrows, keep this in mind: the arrow should be 20”, made from carbon which is most durable in its kinds. Contain a built-in  We are proud to offer some of the best hunting, target and crossbow carbon arrows manufactured today at extremely affordable prices. Black Eagle Executioner Crossbow Fletched 16" Arrows - 2" Vanes - . If you need more arrows, Ravin will gladly sell them to you at a decent price. Designed to replace ONLY Ravin lighted arrow nocks. Vital Limits now offering lighted and un-lighted nocks that we found work very well with . Will NOT work in all Ravin arrows - only Ravin lighted arrows. 88. Like you we depend on tight tolerances and precise consistencies. The R29 is 29 inches long and comes with a solid bridge front to back which makes it a structurally solid crossbow. Ravin Lighted Arrows 400 GR . Crossbows by Wicked Ridge - Simply The Best Crossbows Under $500Ever. The article analyzes the new law (effective January 5, 2012) which makes significant changes to the New Jersey’s common law tort of misappropriation of trade secrets Jerry's Archery | Ravin Predator R15 Crossbow Predator Camo If you’re looking for a crossbow that’s got users raving, delivers impressive specs, and makes it all easy on the wallet this might be your first, last, and only stop. products sale. We offer The world has never seen a crossbow like the Ravin R15 Predator Camo Crossbow. But what do we shoot in our crossbows? Are they bolts? Or arrows? As long as the projectile flies true and hits hard, what it's called probably doesn't matter for shooters. Homesteading Off The Grid 3,281,562 views Nockturnal® Nockturnal® is a leading designer and manufacturer of lighted nocks for arrows and crossbow bolts. Top Customer Reviews. STORE List ABSSJ AeroBolt AeroBump AeroBushing AeroConcept Points AeroCrank AeroCrank AD AeroInsert-A AeroInsert-H AeroOutsert AeroPoint AeroRest AeroStab Aerovane Aerovane Glue Aerovane Jig AeroWeave APS Broadheads Carbon Inner Tubes Destroyer Series Firenock Firenock Accessories PAPS SportWeave Ti Upgrade Kits For Arrow Firenock Firenock Accessories AeroComponents We are proud to offer some of the best hunting, target and crossbow carbon arrows manufactured today at extremely affordable prices. RAV1001462, Ravin · Ravin Arrow Case, $59. 49001. The Ravin launches arrows at 390 or 425 feet per second, depending on the model. It provides you with high accuracy, which is another advantage. Speed also magnifies any minute difference between the arrows that you are shooting. The biggest, most exclusive shooting event of the year - the Industry Day at the Range - is held each year at the shooting range in Boulder City, Nevada, one the day before SHOT Show opens. 003 6 pk. 001". These standard, 20” . Made of pure carbon, Ravin Crossbow Bolts penetrate deeply and fly true. It is quite accurate I can put a hole thru a pop can at 75 feet no problem, or go squirrel hunting with it if I want too. Includes: Fully-Assembled Ravin Crossbow… With the arrows, you should not use the factory arrows, they are suitable for discharging only. Add to Cart. … Most crossbow arrows are 16″ to 22″ in length, with the average being 20 inches. Ravin engineered polymer nocks. Sportsman's Guide has your Ravin 20" Carbon Crossbow Arrows, 400 Grain, 6 Pack available at a great price in our Crossbow Accessories collection Features such as the HeliCoil technology, second-to-none speed and accuracy, combined with the stealthy compact size of the cocked bow make it worth your attention. The Ravin R20 Predator Camo Crossbows are the most advanced crossbows on the market today due to their revolutionary designs and incorporated technologies. The aluminum housing protects the battery as well as the LED lights during the flight and on impact. For use with Ravin Crossbows only. The new Ravin R15 crossbow is changing the game in crossbow hunting. Ravin Crossbow Arrows Bolts for the Ravin Crossbow. If you’re in a hurry and just looking for the best crossbow for the money, then the Centerpoint 370 Crossbow is the best one. 4 pounds and measuring 34. Match Grade . Barnett is the original pioneer of modern crossbows, with a history dating back to 1962. Anti-dry fire/ auto safety Package includes: 6 - Ravin branded arrows with Ravin nocks and 100 grain field points The Ravin launches arrows at 390 or 425 feet per second, depending on the model. When you don’t know the exact nature of the speed test used, it makes fps figures a poor benchmark to use when trying to compare similar bows. Length: 20". The built in cocking mechanism makes it easy on you to reduce cocking time, while the Trac-Trigger Firing System helps keep arrows steady using the straight-line knock travel. Our unique blade design has two edges - the first blades penetrate hide & bone and the second, fresh set cut organs. Ravin is boldly different than any crossbow ever created. who makes ravin arrows

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