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“Our high-volume oil pumps for the Modular both offer a 20-percent increase in volume,” says Cale Risinger. 0 engines because they share the same platform and most parts with the actual 5. Trying to figure out the difference between AMSOIL, Royal Purple and Mobil 1 synthetic oil brands? The truth is, there is a bunch of bad information out there about finding the best brand of oil for your vehicle. Camaro and Firebird: Guide for Budget Engine Swap. . Low oil pressure in 1998 camaro ls1 I recently had the oil changed in the car and after that it began to register a - Chevrolet 1998 Camaro question Chevrolet Corvette - (5. Every used car for sale comes with a free CARFAX Report. COM — Most major oil brands market motor oil made specifically for engines that have more than 75,000 miles of wear, claiming that  High-mileage engine oils can benefit older engines, but should you switch? Our Cenexpert answers. 7L, VIN G, 8th digit, opt LS1) Buy used Chevrolet Corvette motors/engines from our network that offers up to a two-year warranty on qualified units! We carry a wide-ranging catalog of used Chevrolet engines for all applications including gas and diesel engines. Where do I get started? The best thing to do first is to determine your goals for the truck. I received the car with an unknown service history so the first things I did was oil change, air filter cleaning (got it with a k&n) spark plugs, rear diff oil change and both belts changed. I'm thinking bearing clearance(no noise even at 0 pressure) or oil pump. However, even if I were to speculate, I would never suggest that 160f was ideal for wear (although I wouldn't be surprised if wear was decreased at, say, 10 degrees less than the temp. Jan 10, 2019- TriboTEX Restore and protect your engine TriboTEX delivers better gas mileage, more horsepower, and prevents wear. Ok so I know it is kind of a stupid question but i plan to use my car as my daily driver and I just wanted to know from some of those who have already performed the swap what type of gas mileage are you getting? This Holley LS1 Retro-fit oil pan is designed to provide more clearance at the front half of the oil pan and works great with the TJ chassis. 1cP that most 5W-30 oils like M1, PP, PU and the rest likely have is more than adequate for a street driven LT1 and LS1. Up to 5,000 miles (or as specified by OE) Ideal Oil Match. Whether you need a Honda Civic oil filter or one for any other car, we’ll find the right fit for you. For example, the new BMW M5 (2001) burns as much as one quart every 600-1000 miles. 3. Up to 10,000 miles. of threads that Best oil for a 1990 ZR-1. High Mileage Oil Stabilizer Lucas High Mileage Oil Stabilizer is a 100% petroleum product - developed in the laboratory and tested in the field for maximum reliability. The oil pressure will vary considerably around the engine, declining with distance downstream from the pump. Why it's best: Castrol has firmly established their reputation as a manufacturer of quality motor oils, whether conventional or synthetic. I would go with the Valvoline Synpower! The additives in Valvoline are great. Lastly, GM has changed their accepted oil consumption level from 1 quart per 2000 to 1 quart per 2000 to 3000. About Oil Filters. ” Replacing the stock oil pump with a high volume pump can maintain good oil flow to the cam phasers and eliminate the codes. What are you considering “high mileage?” I generally advise switching (on new vehicles) at about 50,000 miles, this allows the parts to “lap in” with each other sufficiently to operate well, and the extra lubricity of synthetic oil simply encourag The royal purple synthetic oil is the best choice if you are looking for high-quality performance synthetic oil. It does not lube the engine, But at these pressures, it foams like a devil. Latest version of the all-new, mid-engine Corvette drops the hardtop to bask in the Floridian cool night air at its world debut. It's Mobil 1 High Mileage Full-Synthetic oil and the jug cost me $23 at Wal-Mart. By properly I mean all loads are Oil consumption, which most consumers define as an engine that uses more than one quart of oil every 3,000 to 5,000 miles ; Engine problems due to fouled or damaged valves, which can be caused by the excessive oil consumption issue ; A 5. we start with a hand picked gm corvette oil pump and then in house modify the pump for excellent oil performance of your engines bearings and other parts that are oiled. Join our Automotive Scientists in a test facility and watch our products be put to the test. Anything beyond conventional or full synthetic (High mileage, synthetic blend, ect) is generally snake oil and a ripoff. My logic for slightly thicker was more to to do with age and mileage. I've tried many different oils in my FXT as well. Chevrolet Corvette - (5. Recomend a high quality mineral oil maybe something like Brad Penn in a 10W/50 or thereabouts The first question is “What do you consider high mileage”. Lots of great info there. We here at Auto Parts Warehouse want to make sure you're happy with your car part purchases. In this post, We are going over ; best oil additives for lifter noise, alternative ways to quiet the annoying sound and finally we will compare the cost of solutions. The oil itself was nice and golden Find CHEVROLET 5. For your Mustang I recommend that you check the owner's manual and see what kind of oil it takes. Some of the top rated parts include GTX 5W-30 High Mileage Motor Oil (5 Quart Jug) with 4. Generally, this is 5W-30 synthetic oil, and GM specifically warns against using any other formulation, such as 10W-40 or 20W-50. The most important criterion for good lubrication is oil flow and not oil pressure. The Castrol GTX High Mileage motor oil combines conventional motor oil with a blend of additives designed to meet the needs of higher mileage cars. good does its job this is all i put on my 140 000 mile ls1 engine. There's no distinction anymore. A! High oil pressure is not necessarily good. Ask any Ferrari (or Porsche) owner what his "mileage" is, and you'll see that 1 quart every 2,000 miles is a dream. 00" Stroke Crankshaft; Texas Speed & Performance Forged 6. . as the components are wearing slightly thicker would suit an older higher mileage engine. The best oil additives on the market do all that whilst also imparting their own performance enhancing characteristics, providing an all round boost to engine performance for just a few bucks. They all run 10W-30. This package will include the following items: GM LS3/L92 Aluminum Engine Block; GM 3. 8, 5. BEST way to remove engine sludge (prevent low pressure Re: Best oil for LS1 09-25-06 04:48 AM - Post# 1008178 In response to doc1 10-30 till broken in then mobil one synthetic in everything i have cept the diesel truck (10 qts) even the motorcycles (bmw's)if no wet clutch--never a problem and more gas mileage too--yes that is true i checked lots of times--glenn 20-50 oil is an extremely viscous oil. When you first learned/heard about LS engines, which one did you hear about? Chances are you first heard about the LS1 engine, and learned about the rest of the LS family over time. On high mileage Ford 5. EXPLORE OUR SELECTION OF CAR PARTS HERE: https://uk. At high RPM's, the pump has to push oil through main bearings into a journal that is resisting the flow of that oil, due to centrifugal force. Rislone Engine Oil Treatment and Liqui-Moly Tappet Stop Noise are good oil additives for noisy lifters. Advances in engine technology have led to increased power and efficiency, meaning engines work harder and under higher pressures than ever before. The new trend in oil lately are these "high mileage" oils. If you don't like what you see switch to the next higher grade. To that end, they are getting up there in both age and mileage, and are starting to require new non-performance parts in order to remain in service. Driving Habits Would ya? (high mileage, all-original Neon SRT4) Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last. 7L and air filter maintenance. I have a stock TBSS and I want more power. LS1GTO. Best Regards, Brian Culp, Culp Road He wore the threading of the oil plug out like 2-3 times from all the times he changed his oil. The LS based small-block engine is the primary V-8 used in General Motors' line of rear-wheel-drive cars and trucks. Benefits of the gerotor design include improved low temperature delivery and better performance, due to lower parasitic power loss. Due to the different components I guess you would say in the oil itself. By continuing to use this site you consent to the use of cookies on your device as described in our cookie policy unless you have disabled them. 3s are out there, I like my truck alot and I would like to try and make it to 200k if possible Im currently at 91,500. Find the best used 2018 Chevrolet Camaro LS near you. The best 1 year, 25,000 mile motor oil change exact fit recommended for your 2001 CHEVROLET CAMARO 5. Im not seeing a lot of negatives with the 10w30 right now but the oil pressure does stay high for  The first oil change I did on my clubby I used the recommened grade 10W anyway, so while it is new it is good, as time goes by it will start to burn. I don't drive an LS but that oil is to thick for that engine, not even close to the factory recommended stuff. 3L Vortec engine. As such, oil additives in a diesel engine are proven to provide some advantages. A high lift camshaft actuating big 2. It is supposed to help those high mileage engines. I know K&N makes oil filters that are really good. With an oil like a 10W40 (the W stands for one custom hand built oil pump for any ls series engine (ls1, ls2, ls3, ls7 ls9 or lsx). At least that was the case back when I sold the stuff. 4L engines, for example, wear in the VVT cam phasers can set cam timing codes and turn on the “Check Engine light. We currently have 1,710 reviews of Saturn LS1 Engines & Ignition products from previous customers. CADILLAC 472 500 OIL PUMP TO BLOCK GASKET CHP-GSK09 LS 7. General causes of high oil consumption. Castrol GTX High Mileage motor oil is a blend of traditional motor oil and a series of special additives to make it more suitable for high mileage engines. Each oil would be subjected to three timed sessions at high engine loads, between which would be three full-power runs. If your Cummins-powered vehicle has surpassed the 100,000-mile mark, we'd be honored to have you in the Cummins High Mileage Club. If you want to cut to the chase the Edge Extended Performance Synthetic Motor Oil by Castrol scored above the rest in every category and is our top pick for a high quality motor oil for your vehicle. This oil is made for antique cars with diesel engines that burn oil excessively. 7L LS1 engine with 6 speed manual transmission removed from a 2004 Pontiac GTO with 78k miles. Book an appointment with YourMechanic accordingly. Anybody have any experience with mobil 1 high mileage 5w-30? this is meant to be used in vehicles with 75,000+ on the odo. For that reason, engine oil additives can be a cheap, simple but highly effective engine upgrade. Using this lubricant can help you avoid seeing your mechanic as much as possible. Compare the main Features, Specifications, Prices and Select the Best Model. Many people just like to play it safe and follow the severe service schedule, which is fine, but there is no benefit in changing the oil sooner than the severe service schedule states. Built to our specs by Moroso, the pan works with strokes up to 4. 5. Switching to a high mileage oil was one of the worst choices you could have made. On my next oil change, I'm going to use either pennzoil dino which is a group II+ oil or valvoline maxline high mileage which have great additives not to mention it's syn blend! Infiniti's use Dex-III but the GM licensed expired last year so it's better to use Dex-VI. Both have tight engines today with no loss in power, no oil burn between changes and no valve noise. No ticking no sound from motor at all. Bar’s Leaks 1040 Grey Rear Main Seal Repair Concentrate is the best oil stop leak additive if your car is badly leaking. I've thought about buying a low mileage LS2 GTO or CTS-V for around $16k but I really don't want to be in $21k+ on a second car after mods. Oil Change Interval. LS1's have a roller cam, so motor oil and no camshaft break-in is perfectly acceptable. The best high mileage motor oils we have chosen will refresh your car's performance and you will feel the difference once in your next oil change! Check out the full reviews. Hi there! My name is Matt and I’m here today with a guide to help you find the best spark plugs for your car or truck. 7 aluminum LS1 engines. The pan is baffled so it keeps the oil where it needs So you want the best motor oil money can buy and as well as the best motor oil known to man? You need Royal Purple. The LS1 retains its high-efficiency gerotor oil pump, which is driven off the front of the crankshaft. Assembly includes ECU, wiring (some broken wires may be present) and belt-driven accessories. ) There are some good regular and "high mileage" blends of oil to use in these higher mileage vehicles. A_Harman has experience running M1 5W-30 on the track with high oil temp's in his Chevy that you will never see on the street, without issue. Most popular vehicles - import and domestic . When picking an oil pump for an engine build, what do you select: standard replacement, high pressure, high volume, or both (high pressure and high volume)? That’s a question we hear regularly. 8) I got my car all back together and the oil pressure is very low You probably pinched the oil pump O-Ring while changing the timing chain or oil pump. Mobil 1 oil products have proven to be high performers in the automobile industry, and this fantastic oil filter from them is not an exception. Comparison of Castrol EDGE 0W-30 (06244) vs Castrol EDGE 0W-40 (03101) Motor Oils. High Mileage: 728 Thousand Miles On The Odometer 32. I have seen several articles that say that Red Line Oil is superior to Mobil 1. The additive is specifically formulated to stop and seal oil leaks that are caused by normal engine wear and age. Melling 18% High Volume Oil Pump Ls1 Ls2 Ls3 Gen3 Lsx Ep295hv Add to cart - Best Offer: 18% Additional Volume Over The Stock Oil Pump Can Improve Low Oil Typically, manufacturers give you the mileage increments in which to replace the engine oil. It’s really a judgment call if you should pay more for high-performance oil when your vehicle has 100,000 miles on it but is using little or no motor oil. Allow me to introduce the top 5 oil additives for noisy lifters that made to our list. Increased gas mileage is certainly a factor in that decision, but newer engines also have redesigned oil pumps and galleys as well as high-tech materials and tighter clearances to allow the use of 2000 Corvette C5 Used Oil Analysis Report. With his oil looking so good at that mileage (Hint its not because of the oil or the filter LOL) Pennzoil Ultra Platinum 5w-20: LINK (If the price is high on amazon its because it fluctuates between 20 and 43 USD depending on how many are in stock) If your the kind of person that also desires to run high mileage oil that protects the vehicles One of the best ways to find top quality OEM or aftermarket Engines & Ignition products is by asking professionals. 125" and retains the OEM oil filter location. Many car manufacturers now insist on the latest specification full synthetic oil, which you have to use at every oil change in order to protect your warranty and enable your engine to perform at its best. Camaro High Volume Oil Pumps Melling high volume oil pumps increase the amount of oil flow by an average of 20% through the engine improving oil pressure at idle providing dependable performance every time in every application. Sticking with tradition, GM introduced the Gen III line of V8 engines that share similar components and dimensions to allow for easy swaps between various models. +1^ Mobil 1 0W40 is the best oil Mobil makes. The LS1 is a high performance engine and there are two main reasons why they can be made to perform so much better: LS1 Engine. com. we can get the maximum performance mileage from any vehicle. Updated monthly. (VVV) is a leading provider of automotive services and supplier of premium DIY motor oil. Corvettes and 4th gens are even better for mileage, but it's still awesome to see. The additives also reduce friction and wear, which contribute to lifter noise. However, if the relief valve is damaged, then oil will pass more freely in the engine, and that will reduce pressure. Mobil 1 High Mileage oils are designed to help extend engine life in high mileage engines. While the oil is being serviced, the technician will note any obvious issues with the condition of the engine seals, amount of oil drained, last service date and mileage, and the drained oil's condition. 6 Apr 2017 Im using 10w30 right now and it got a lot colder then I expected. Since these engines are going 300,000 to 400,000 miles without any issues we consider anything under 120,000 as low mileage, anything with 120,000 to 170,000 average/mid mileage and 170,000 to 225,000 as high mileage. If you have an extremely dirty or high mileage engine then we recommend installing a new engine oil filter prior to adding the flush so that you have full capacity of the filter available for capturing and holding the dirt particles that the flush removes. We carry performance and replacement oil filters from Fram, Wix, Bosch, ACDelco, K&N, Royal Purple, and more—all from names you can trust! 2: Ive got penrite 15-50w in mine (good stuff). I know I was! You have a LOT TO LEARN about synthetic motor oil here. A Study of SAE 5W-30 Synthetic Motor Oils Published June 2013 AMSOIL Signature Series Synthetic Motor Oil Castrol Edge ® with Titanium Fluid Strength Technology Lucas Synthetic Mobil 1™ Extended Performance Pennzoil Ultra™ Petro-Canada SUPREME Synthetic™ Quaker State Ultimate Durability™ Red Line High Performance Motor Oil The K&N Performance Gold® Oil Filter has been constructed from the ground up to satisfy the high performance needs of race car owners and drivers, as well as the average vehicle owner who wants the very best oil filter available. SEE HOW STP ® FIGHTS HARMFUL ENGINE DEPOSITS. According to Web Racing, Brad Penn partially synthetic oil is often used in high-performance vehicles, such as race cars. 55 valves in symmetrical-port cylinder heads helps make it a un-compromised performer. 9 stars. These advanced full synthetic motor oils feature: A proprietary blend of high-performance synthetic base oils that deliver up to 500,000 miles of proven protection. For the last several years, GM has specified Mobil 1 5W-30 synthetic oil and filled every Corvette with that oil at the VI improvers and high levels of zddp antiwear additive. 622" Stroke Crankshaft; Texas Speed & Performance Forged 6. Are Oil Additives The Same As Fuel Additives? Usually those oil additives make a problem worse (at least in my opinion). 8 stars and 5W-30 Full Synthetic Motor Oil (5 Plus Quarts Jug) with 4. I have put together this resource to help you find the best synthetic oil and with my experience will help you make an informed decision on what to use next or confirm that you may already be using the best. Tough Guard provides premium engine protection for drivers in stop-and-go traffic and the durability to withstand tougher driving conditions and towing. This causes drying and hardening of the seal leading to shrinking, cracking and tearing of the rear main seal. he Find the best Chevrolet Camaro LS for sale near you. Help extend your vehicle's engine life by using this Mobil 1 Advanced Full Synthetic Motor Oil 15W-50 on your next oil change. Walk or bike over short distances to prevent motor oil sludge buildup. So, think the oil is being whipped up any in We’ve tested and reviewed over 20 oil additive for lifter noise and choose the 10 BEST additives for noisy lifters on the market in 2019. See more ideas about Ls engine, Car engine and Crate motors. One of C66 Racing's customers recently submitted his used oil for analysis by Blackstone Laboratories after 5,000 miles and five months of use that included a full day High Performance Driver's The best gas mileage truck is the 2011 Ford F150's which get 23 MPG on the highway with the V6 engine. The seal can also leak due to the vehicle being stored for an extended period of time, or from running the engine low on oil. The thickest motor oil readily available on the market is 40W70. Donor vehicle was in running, driving condition prior to disassembly. Key Feb 5, 2019- Explore sosa4088's board "LS Engine" on Pinterest. more protection for the higher mileage donks. 400 LS1 LS2 LS3 HARDENED What causes an engine to burn oil? Ask Question The engine still runs great and the gas mileage has stayed about the same. This is further evidence that the factory PCV system on a high-performance, unmodified engine, with low mileage is inadequate. Four of the Best Octane Boosters and Additives with Reviews (2019 update) to help you get the best mileage and High-Performance Synthetic Motor Oil Review Trailblazer SS Modification Guide. Learn more about this high mileage oil and find the Valvoline brand product you need today. AMSOIL SAE 10w30 . We know you love your Saturn LS1 and want to make sure it's taken care of (maybe he or she even has a name?). Vehicle Coverage. 050" on the intake lobe will generally dictate where the power curve will occur. Our aftermarket division is noted for excellent catalog accuracy, new products, & International distribution. High mileage LS1 engines? Where is the limit? This is a discussion on High mileage LS1 engines?Where is the limit? within the Camaro / SS forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; My '02 B4C car has 205,066 on it today. I do not have any leaks anywhere. 00/1. Hey guys. Drove it 1 mile checked oi and llooked it over then drove home 25 miles gages never moved from 0 pressure. Avoid stop-and-go driving as much as possible. maybe on a very high mileage junker that requires thick oil to make up some distance in the beat up clearances in everything it'll help, but simply running thicker oil would do the same thing, many of these products just make 'thicker', and you can go ahead and dump a pint of straight 50w oil in. The Royal Purple line of synthetic oil is formulated to give your engine a powerful performance boost and a smooth ride, as it restores hardened zeal. Popular vehicles . Our engines can be seen in the race results and standings of such events as Best in the Desert Series, King of the Hammers, SCORE, W. The thickness of oil is more commonly referred to as viscosity grade. The product we are talking about is a kind of engine oil stop leak additive and is professional designed for hard to stop oil leaks. at which emissions/mpg are best (this number is totally baseless though)), because the oil film is dependent on a The engine is started and checked for leaks. Typically referred to as the F-Body or Camaro pan, it works well with custom chassis crossmembers, and it is also the most frequently modified pan. I've got a '96 R/A T/A that runs great, sounds great but I'm afraid to drive because as the temp goes up the oil pressure slowly drops to 0. The three oil filters featured below are at the top of the list in all the categories. 7 and 6. Make that someone one of the top brands in high performance by shopping our selection of leading-brand oil filters. We are passionate about building quality, high performance engines and it shows. 99 . This is a practical method to improve oil pressure in an older, high-mileage engine. Now the question is, what needs to be done to this high mileage car to bring it back to optimal stock performance. <br /> <br /> High RPM, you need extra pressure and volume, which go hand-in-hand. this does work but as previously said to much of a good thing is also bad. It doesn't have piston slap, and there wasn't much difference in the noise level between most oils, with the exception of Red Line 5W-30. Maybe it takes more oil pressure (I was thinking high volume pump) on a higher mileage motor to silence lifters? My concern is that I don't really want to go through the work to do the pump if the problem is actually a bearing. Get scientific proof of how STP ® can help remove deposits and help get your vehicle running better longer. We would also establish a base line with a mineral oil. Stared it up oil pressure was at 80 let it idle went to 0 pressure. 3: your after a standard 5. It is then returned to the sump. Free Same Day Store Pickup. LS1 Tuning Evolution. Valvoline’s thick and durable anti-wear film technology will maximize the life of your engine. High-mileage motor oil doesn’t hurt Mobil 1™ Extended Performance High Mileage oil is the lifeblood of high mileage engines, delivering outstanding performance and long-lasting engine protection during long service intervals. 3, 5. Moreover, oil additives aren't the only solution, but without any doubt, it is an effective instant solution. 15,000 miles of protection for high mileage vehicles – guaranteed* *Please follow the recommendations in your owner's manual while your car is under warranty. Full synthetics . It features a technologically advanced formulation that reduces friction and prevents deposits and sludge build-up in vehicle engines of all ages. When you choose Bar’s Leaks, rest assured you’re getting the best engine oil stop leak product on the market — one that will work quickly, effectively and affordably. began using the high mileage formula and it now stays full the from one change to the next again. It can also be used to protect new and used Heavy Duty and High Performance transmissions, gear boxes and engines. Page 1 of 3 1 2 3 Next > 5. au . #4 – Castrol GTX High Mileage Synthetic Blend Oil. 3, LS1, or 6. With my current LS1 I should only be in about $14k after all is said and done since the current mods and preventative maintenance was done by the PO. Our oil filter's efficiency rating meets or exceeds the requirements of high performance automotive engine builders. 3 Chevrolet engines that throw a low engine oil or ticking noise in the morning. That’s why we decided to write an article that would put everything we know about oil out into the open. 7 Chevrolet LS1 V8 engine which is what Holden recommends for  Good oil pressure is important for proper engine lubrication and longevity. This problem was solved with multiviscosity oil, oil that flows better when cold, then thickens and protects better when it's hotthe best of both worlds. We have 16 2018 Chevrolet Camaro LS vehicles for sale that are reported accident free, 16 1-Owner cars, and 17 personal use cars. 125" Connecting Rods I use Walmart oil Synthetic 5W-30 these days, change oil and filter every 5000 or so for a car in normal suburban uses where the engine gets fully warm on most trips and an a reasonably long trip at interstate speeds happens weekly. I did notice a difference in that, the knocking noise that my engine has due to the worn bearings has quieted down a bit, and well, after a week I'll see if my fuel economy improves, I added 10W-40 btw. There actually is a bulletin on this (01-06-01-011I). An easy way to quiet the engine is to use an oil additive. The pressure relief valve of an oil filter is there to make sure the pressure does not get too high. Saturday cel came on said oil senior high pressure. Melling is a leading manufacturer of aftermarket oil pumps and related products servicing engine rebuilders, WD’s, jobbers, and auto parts retailers. Valvoline Full Synthetic High Mileage with MaxLife Technology SAE 10W-30 Motor Oil - 1 Quart: Premium, full synthetic base oil for the best protection against engine heat and stress Seal conditioners rejuvenate aging engine seals to help stop and prevent oil leaks That's what all the guys I know around here with V8's run, whether it be a 305, LT1, LS1, whichever. 0L engines producing up to 650 horsepower with a naturally aspirated system using pump gasoline. What about the Ford PSD's? The high pressure pump on a PSD (95-97) is 500psi @idle 1200psi@3300 RPM 3600psi @full load acceleration. Let the people with 12+ years of experience in finding and buying car parts help you find the best Oil Pan for your Saturn LS1. headers,OTR Z-grip ect. In Ford Powerstrokes we suggest one quart of Pure Synthetic Oil Stabilizer per oil change. Increased oil consumption in high mileage car. That oil is designed and recommended for a high mileage old school flat tappet engines. A high mileage oil would be a good choice. This oil is suitable for hot climates and will provide more protection in hot weather than 10-30 oil will. LS swaps can get pretty pricey, but we found an article written by MeanYellowZ on LS1tech, that tells you how to do a LSx swap for cheap. According to Web Racing, the best partially synthetic oil on the market is that made and distributed through Brad Penn. Discover Mobil 1 Extended Performance High Mileage, the only high mileage motor oils to guarantee 15,000 miles of protection between oil changes. 7 filter i assume. Introduced in January 1995, it is a "clean sheet" design with only rod bearings, lifters, and bore spacing in common with the longstanding Chevrolet small block V8 that preceded it as the basis for GM small-block V8s. I heard that the "high mileage" oil has extra anti-wear and cleaning properties compared to regular versions, would it have been better to start using that Most higher performance engines tend to burn more oil than more typical "civilian" models. The fueling accuracy is much better at all loads if a mafless tune is done properly than can ever be provided by a maf tune (see the Maf section below). With this oil in your engine, you will have fewer leaks, reduced oil sludge, and a longer life for your engine. Let the people with 12+ years of experience in finding and buying car parts help you find the best Oil Filter Adapter O-Ring for your Saturn LS1. Whether you want to increase horsepower, performance, or gas mileage, there’s a spark plug for you. Leader in Cadillac High Performance parts!! 472/500 Engines and LS engines. If driving under the best conditions, the Engine Oil Life System might not indicate the need for vehicle service for more than a year. 3L/325 Oil Pumps with High-volume Oil Pump Volume and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing! ATK offers high performance engines, we specialize in remanufactured custom engines, crate engines, racing engines as well as high performance street engines. High mileage & synthetics. This can both be of advantage and disadvantage. take a chance on reusing a high-mileage oil pump when rebuilding an engine? AmazonBasics High Mileage Motor Oil, Synthetic Blend, 10W-40, 5 Quart. It has ARP 2000 rod bolts installed in it. Why is it that most of us hear about the LS1 before any But by guaranteering protection for up to one full year, the Mobil 1 Extended Performance Oil Filter is creating a whole new premium category. But before we lay out the differences, let’s review the oil flow path in a common Chevy power plant AMSOIL Signature Series 10W-30 Synthetic Motor Oil. A thicker motor oil also offers better lubrication of key engine parts. The price just seems too high for the mileage. I have a low mileage 6. It always amazes me that I can throw it in 6th at 65mph and get 26mpg in a car so quick. 5k as per the manufacturer. It works when our rear main seal leaks. Circulation of the oil is produced by a pump and not a compressor. With the high efficiency oil filter’s pore sizes, that are 3 micrometers, engine wear from continuous contaminant filtering is reduced. Some vehicles are said to have extended the drain intervals for up to 5- 10 times. A couple of heat cycles on the springs is all you will need. Partially synthetic oils are designed to improve lubrication and performance in high-mileage vehicles. com is a forum community dedicated to the LS1 Pontiac GTO. LS1 vs LS2: Cost. If you live in a colder environment, you will find that 10w30 motor oil flows much slower as compared to 5w30. We've got gas engines going for 200,000 miles or more with ease, I just don't believe that QB (or AMSoil or any other boutique oil) is going to really make a difference in the long run. After much debate, I've decided that no one is going to change the oil on my C5 but me. With that in mind … Cummins Turbo Diesel engines set the bar for long life and dependability. (1905) . A completed high-performance LS1 engine build for a 2001 Pontiac Trans Am - GM High Tech Performance Magazine We also took note that with our high-volume SLP oil pump circulating the lifeblood In this video I explain a common problem on the 5. Both the LS1 and LS2 intakes flow really well, but the LS2 is just a little bit better. Best of all we’re going to save you a lot of money! To get started please click above on our used engines request form and we will then call you with quotes on the used engine you need. You can see several puffs of oil and water vapor enter the clear container that was substituted in place of the aluminum one for this video. my '05 will be at about that for the next oil change. In addition to stopping existing leaks, it can help prevent future problems by conditioning and restoring engine gaskets and seals. Get yourself a low mileage ls1. Now you have a better option: the Bar’s Leaks. [/ new] PTFE is a solid which is added to engine oil and coats the moving parts of the engine. How many high mileage AFM 5. We developed our MuscleRods high-clearance oil pan to offer the best combination of fit, clearance, oil control and ease of installation. It is important to understand that an oil additive is not meant to revitalize old or dirty oil. Valvoline™ High Mileage with MaxLife™ Technology Motor Oil is designed to fight the four major causes of engine breakdown and is specially formulated to meet the needs of cars as they age past 75,000 miles. when my truck passed 100k it was consuming a quart of oil every oil change period. However, such solids seem even more inclined to coat non-moving parts, like oil passages and filters. Equally important is to never let the oil level get low. in fact it can be a cause of great concern. Your oil pressure isn't wildly out of line, as others have stated. These abrasive contaminants can wear down engine bearings, leading to lower oil pressure and engine damage. Operator and franchisor of Quick-lube chain, Valvoline Instant Oil Change. A High Mileage oil will probably help with consumption, but I doubt any oil will help with piston slap. Best to check the SCA or autobarn books in I was wondering what is the life expectancy (mileage wise) of a 2002 ls1 camaro z28. View Parts Catalog › FRAM Tough Guard® Oil Filters deliver premium high mileage engine protection for today's passenger cars and light duty trucks. I drove the car 240,000 miles and kept the car for 33 years. what parts are prone to go out - Answered by a verified Chevy Mechanic We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. The engine is smooth, I plan on doing plugs, wires, serp belt, I did tranny, transfer case and coolant at 75k. Before cars came equipped with oil filters, oil changes were frequent as engine combustion contaminants quickly mucked up the motor oil. "This engine obscures the line between overhead cams and overhead valves. Precision-formulated with cutting-edge technology and a longstanding devotion to making the world's best motor oil. The oil consumption/piston slap would have been sorted years ago, early cars got new engines as GM Powertrain claimed the LS1 was non-rebuildable! Best Oil Filter We looked at the 10 most popular oil filters on the market for durability in construction, features, type of filter, longevity, cost, reputation of brand, and customer reviews. 86 with tax! Now, I am still a bit confused with reading some posts in the forum elsewhere about 4bangers only using 5-20 oil or 0-20. Best Oil Additives for Quiet Lifters. It also said that the 10w30 was a better choice over 5w30 due to the consumption of 5w over 10w. Reduces friction for increased power and MPG. 0025 inch. 3L V8 engine in a 2006 Chevy Impala SS, via Wikimedia Commons My lt1 has 150K on it. Editorial: Think about the centrifugal forces that the oil has to deal with in a crankshaft. Conventional . 7 Dec 2006 A completed high-performance LS1 engine build for a 2001 Pontiac Trans Am short of using a cylinder leakdown tester, mileage accumulation is the Because of this, our 383 stroker will need oil a good bit thicker than the  8 May 2017 CARS. A deep-skirt, six-bolt-main block, with structural oil pan and other carefully engineered features, helps make the LS1 a strong, smooth running and dependable engine. Before you buy, take some time to read through customer reviews. I've confirmed the pressure with a mechanical Snap On gauge. Many Corvette owners regularly track their car and are concerned about how well their oil and engine hold up to the demands of the track. Both additives clean deposits in the engine and quiet the noise from worn lifters. More Info / Check Price → Mobil 1 M1-110 is one of the best car filters, developed by the world well-reputed company mobil. Valvoline Inc. its time to change my oil and was wondering what the best oil would be to use in a high mile lt1,any test or previous experiences? i've been thinking about switching to synthetic, i have 170xxx, and was going to seafoam my crankcase then about 80 miles change my oil,i'm probably about 3400 miles past my last oil change, should i seafoam it anyway? Talk to anyone who puts a lot of miles on their car and they’ll probably have one particular brand or formulation that they swear by. Both continue to use the 10W-30 recommended by the factory, but now it is SN quality rather than the old technolo It's also great to just roll the windows down and cruise along, both LS1 and LS2 gto's come with some of the best sounding stock exhausts I've heard. The TSP 383 CID 540 HP LS1 Turn-Key Package will have a completely smooth idle and work with a factory torque converter. This is the thickness of the oil being used in the car. ROCK, XORRA, TrophyLite and SNORE, where you will see an impressive number of drivers powered by a Turn Key engine. the purchase of a costly high-end package (such as the ZR If you're in doubt, the best way to see if you fall into the severe service category is to have an oil analysis done at the mileage of the severe service interval. On an older engine I suspect that the tolerances are looser than a newer engine, so pressure naturally would be lower. That said, for a good tight engine 5/30 or 10/30 should be fine--if you aren't sure, try it and watch your oil pressure on the real hot days, esp. (5,30 BMW recommends but Castrol recommends 5,40. I believe the recommended oil is a 10w-30 full synthetic, I'd probably go with the 10w-40 to 50 weight oil and see what it does. The KV100 spec' is of no importance in terms of operational viscosity, but the HTHSV 3. LS1, LS2, LS7 ENGINES The engine is monitored for oil pressure, air/fuel ratio, temperature, etc. Best Answer: just use regular 5w-30, there is no sense in using the high millage or the mobile 1 it will not make difference. We know how picky F-body owners are for the oil in their cars. I am about to sea foam it, and am looking for suggestions on oil brand and weight. McNally Oil Catch Can Kits are a true oil PCV crankcase evacuation and separation system that is engineered to eliminate valve coking issues, increase fuel economy by eliminating oil associated detonation, reduce tail pipe emissions, and prolong engine life by removing damaging combustion by-products and trapping them from ingestion via the intake air charge. Recommended full Synthetic oil for LS1 162,000KM??? and wanted to know what oil is the best weight and brand for these motors with 162,000kms. Come discuss Read how to get the most out of your engine with these tips on why Synthetic Motor Oil is important for your car, only at GM High Tech Performance Magazine. Controls heat and wear in motorcycles, air-cooled engines and all drive train components. Here’s our list of the 8 best engine oils for a typical vehicle, including our top picks for conventional, synthetic, high mileage and diesel engines in 2019. S. Order Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Oil Filter online today. I can't remember the last time I read that someone needed to have their engine rebuilt as a result of high-mileage wear as long as it was properly maintained. 0 I bought to put in my Camaro, but I decided to go with an LS3 so I'm selling this engine. You have found the greatest source for the best synthetic oil for your Chevy Camaro or Pontiac Firebird Formula or T/A. Im on the ls1. I don't see oil spray underneath the car. That was our top criteria for selecting the best motor oil. 7L LS1/FLS6B Chevy Malibu Forum is the best place for owners of the sedan to connect with the community and Performance Oil Pumps. And the science of it is even more confusing. The most common cause of rear seal leaks is age and/or high mileage. The 1998–2002 F-Body LS1 pan is the most commonly used LS oil pan. I have had bad luck going to synthetic in high milage motors( causeing oil leaks) so I would likt to stick with a dino variaty. I inspected the bearings and they are perfect. Castrol EDGE 5W-40 SN with Fluid TITANIUM is an advanced full synthetic engine oil that provides outstanding wear protection in high performance engines. Yes, its high mileage, I'm just over 98k miles. at idle. thanks for the advice and references; I ended up running to the dealer to pick up the OEM oil filter and it was only $5. It's a near on 10 year old car, which wasn't exactly the best built to start with! If it's been well looked after then it would be OK. It seems that Fram didn't want to be left out. All these oil additives are either tested by our team or we had received positive feedback about it from our clients. last i checked, both the regular and high mileage versions were same price. Pennzoil ® oil filters perform a crucially important job for your vehicle, scrubbing motor oil of impurities like specks of dirt and metal shavings that can compromise the performance of your engine. I drive ~100 per day. The engine prices vary with mileage, but let's get a basic idea of how we price our engine. the next one I will have in a day or two it will consist of short cut easy to follow websites to cut cost. You’ll find that the market is full of stop engine oil leak products, but many of those products don’t stop engine oil leaks, and some can even make your situation worse. The slightly thicker oil film from the heavier base weight oil — 10W — can help protect worn engine Slick 50® Recharged High Mileage Engine Treatment contains a small amount of PTFE. The Viscosity of the Oil. Royal Purple is a super fine synthetic oil that exceeds any synthetic oil on the market. Finding the best synthetic motor oil for your car or motorcycle can be tough. We will even help you find a quality mechanic to install your new, low mileage auto parts. Its been in the dealer and I get the same BS line about 1 qt in 2000 miles as normal. 23 May 2013 This is a practical method to improve oil pressure in an older, high-mileage engine. I have a small Toyota pickup with 660,000 km, and another with 580,000 km. I have had a 1990 ZR-1 Corvette for over 10 years and due to the LT5 having flat valve lifters it requires a oil that is high in Zinc and Phosphorous Amsoil now has Z/Rod 10w/30 which I have been using as it is the highest content of Zinc & Phosphorus. Combining a high quality oil with a high quality oil additive is the best way to improve the life of a vehicle's engine. it'll do the same thing. It works with all types of gasoline and diesel engines using conventional, high mileage or synthetic Low Pressure ZoneA customer recently brought in his 2008 Chevrolet Silverado 1500, which is equipped with the 5. Using 20/50 motor oil instead of 5 or 10/30 Sometimes People Do This In Order To Avoid Repairing An Engine Or Replacing An Engine That Has Excessively High Oil I have BMW e92 330i 126k I was debating about slightly thicker oil currently using 5 30, but debating using 5 40. Do not drive the vehicle with the engine flush installed. They are simply meant to augment the power and ability of the oil they are used in. The two current high mileage cars in the family fleet are my son's 145k 2002 Malibu and my wife's 100k Sonata, both have lived life on QS 5w30 and QS 5w20 and oil changes at intervals up to 7. Mobil 1 10/40 High Mileage Oil. I usually only run 40 weight oil in a vehicle with very high mileage, when the oil pressure is really low, Just to squeeze a few more months out of the vehicle before a rebuild or getting rid of it. Your oil filter has a dirty job, but someone’s gotta do it. as the owner of highmileage chevy v8, i recommend catrols high mileage formula, 10-30. Add it to your next oil change! What is the best gas mileage your Z28 gets? Discussion in ' 4th Gen Camaro LS1 (1998-2002 Camaro) ' started by FL2002Z28 , Mar 28, 2006 . The HP oil pump is only used to control the HEUI injectors. From the above list, RevX and BestLine are the best oil additives for Diesel engines. To find the answer to the nitrous question, we secured a high-mileage 5. Nearly all vehicles on the road. 0-40 is a great oil especially for a higher mileage motor, 20-50 is a old school repair look at oils, great oil to sell a motor, the ls motors are not really made for the 20-50 we are doing a motor now that was 20-50 and the motor is destroyed inside, Just enter your vehicle’s year, make, model, and engine at the top of this page. If you aren’t leaking oil, you don’t need “high mileage” oil or oil leak additives. A more viscous oil, such as 10w30, will seal better than low viscosity oil, such as the 5w30. Manufacturers of high performance European cars have been recommending full synthetic motor oils for well over a decade. So yeah if you have a tonne and a half miles on the truck40 weight is probably a good idea. Do you want a tame daily driver, a heavy hitting sleeper, or the unmistakable chop of a cam loping at idle? There will be pros and cons to all set ups – here are a few The Power Curve: The graph below describes what you should expect when you build an engine for a specific power range. Mobil 1 High Mileage 10W-30 Synthetic Motor Oil is engineered for the Do-it-Yourselfers that knows that vehicles with more driven miles sometimes need a little extra attention. You get what you pay for. I was told it had 100k miles on it. Here are 8 product recommendations of the best oil additives for noisy lifters! I know that the rx-7 and 240sx are great cars for ls1 swaps and i've heard of it being done in miatas as well, but are there any other cars that respond very well to an ls1 swap? cars that are relatively easy to swap with and will be made more fun with a v8? I'm lead to believe it also frees up some HP/mileage and can increase the intervals between oil changes but with the cost of the oil the economic benefits are a wash at best. By keeping oil cleaner longer, it provides a value-added opportunity to give your customers the convenience and savings that come from being able to go up to one full year between oil changes. If the engine breathing combination (cam, carb, intake, heads, headers and compression ratio) are properly matched, the duration at . will work with any ls oil pickup and any ls crank sprocket for ls series engine. Driven Racing Oil makes high zinc racing oils, gear oils, break-in oils, hot rod oils, brake cleaner and foaming degreasers - born from Joe Gibbs Racing for maximum performance. It also includes the oil pump, lifters, and lifter trays. Hopefully that will cut out 1500 to 2000 bucks. 70,000 miles is not high Any Corvette built since 1989 needs the specific oil recommended by Chevrolet for your engine. Since your high-mileage vehicle probably isn't under warranty any longer, that means it's now up to you to remember what needs to be done when; and admittedly, it can be a little confusing to know what to inspect or replace at which milestone. Which type of oil is best used for Chevy Malibu LS asked by Most cars use 5W-20 or 5W-30 oil Well, I''m not actually making a claim, I'm just saying I got that impression from an article. The old rule of thumb that an oil pump should be capable of maintaining a minimum of 10 psi at idle, and build an additional 10 psi for every 1,000 rpm increase in engine speed does not always apply, depending on what you are trying to accomplish. The product is a specially blended formulation of premium base oils and petroleum extractives for use in a wide range of engine and gear box applications. Oil pan is cracked and will need to be replaced (see photos). The piston bores have no wear in them at all. Finally, the engine is switched off, the oil level rechecked, and the maintenance light reset. no. 3L LM7 from a local LKQ Pick-A-Part, increased the ring gap on the factory (high-mileage) rings, and put it back together. As for the oil filter, I'm sure anything will due you fine as long as it's not a Fram. The engines that the author refers to in his article are the 4. Every Melling high volume oil pump is engineered and assembled to the highest production standards from high quality materials. This filter is a regular Fram Extra Guard filter with a plastic cartridge suspended inside the inner tube filled with some sort of goo. The ProCharger P-1SC and D-1SC are both self-contained superchargers. A: When the “Change Engine Oil Soon” message appears, oil change service is necessary for the vehicle as soon as possible, within the next 600 miles. Rislone Engine Treatment is a lubricating oil that cleans and protects. Running thinner oils in an older engine might possibly cause it to burn oil (or more oil than it does). Oil Pan kits. There was one (which I can’t find again) that was very persuasive that said that the base stock used in Red Line was of a higher quality. it increases the viscosity of the oil which makes the oil slow down in flow which means it doesn't sqeeze out as fast and with higher levels of barrier lube, when it does squeeze out it protects better. The slightly thicker oil film from the heavier base weight oil . Since 20-50 oil is very thick, it may help prevent engine leaks in old cars. A well broken-in engine can benefit from the next higher viscosity blend, but the high mileage blends are utter crap and often make whatever problems you are having even worse. With the right high mileage oil, you can make your high mileage engine last. )I suspect both are fine. 20-50 oil is also a good choice for some older vehicles. would it really be any better to use the "age-appropriate" oil? thanks in advance. Top quality engineering makes it an ideal pairing for any oil type. Due to the special procedure required on the C5 and it's ultra low stance, some out of the ordinary techniques are called for. The vehicle has about 200,000 miles on it and has been pretty well-maintained, with regular oil changes. Newer models, ls1, ls2, and ls3. If you want to improve the oil pressure in your motor, the best way to do that is to fit bearings to the mains and rods with tighter tolerances - on the order of . plus quietens them down. We can have your engine shipped anywhere in the U. E. With such great interchangeability, budget engine swaps can be quickly and easily completed on the F-body platform. $17. Ok a bit of a dumb question im doing a oil change and filter on my VYSS and dont know how much oil to use i presume it would be more than 5. Engine oil additives are known to have significant positive effects on the functioning of the engine. Your recommended oil type is Delco dexos 1 synthetic blend. The patented SC design utilizes a special oil pump that aerates the oil to create an oil mist for lubrication necessary for the bearings and gears. Go for Shell Helix Plus High Mileage, 15w50, it is a better Semi Synthetic  There's no particular oil that's for a high mileage vehicle, for example, I use 10W30 oil in a 5. Up to 15,000 miles . 7litres? Can anyone tell me what grade to use it has 150,000km on the clock and have some bolt on mods exhaust. look at it this way if the engineers thought you needed mobile one they would say use mobile one - look it up in your owners manual. High Efficiency (HE) Oil Filter; This oil filter type is a type of a bypass filter that allows longer oil drain intervals. Mobil Clean High Mileage 10W-30 provides a conventional motor oil alternative for cars that have gone the distance. com/pages/car-parts This week, work starts on Miles the High Mileage Hero's full restoration, Burning oil is not necessarily worn rings, it could be as simple as bad valve seals. About Air Filters We decided to only run high-quality synthetic oils because not only do they represent a brand's top oil, it's the oil most relevant to performance enthusiasts. There's nothing in North America proven to beat Amsoil's 0W30. Higher base oil viscosity to help reduce leaks and provide better high-temperature I have a 2001 Ls1 the oil pressure is reading high 130psi, what would cause this - Answered by a verified Chevy Mechanic We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. The advanced full synthetic oil is made with a proprietary blend of high-performance base stocks fortified with a precisely balanced additive component LS1 engine, 5w or 10w-30 oil question only because of CAFÉ mileage, and that for high speed 30s is marginal at best heck I think the beloved M1 the 10w-30 is If the engine has used mineral oil for most of its life then turning to a full synthetic oil wouldn't be suitable and you would see oil useage. Lots of guys run a 10-60w castrol edge sport from Ls1. This will include for starters a high mileage 165000 ls1 camaro motor with T56 trans but will have a complete rebuild. au and just comm forums. carthrottle. Engineered for enthusiasts seeking maximum protection and performance. Most owners are saying that their dealerships are replacing the valve covers, oil deflector, new lifters, pistons and rings. It never leaked oil and the only thing that ever went in the crankcase was the 10W-30 oil specified in the owner’s manual. Short of that, you can shop with confidence thanks to our 1,710 extensive product reviews on 2000 Saturn LS1 Engines & Ignition products and parts. We have 501 Chevrolet Camaro LS vehicles for sale that are reported accident free, 327 1-Owner cars, and 740 personal use cars. The TSP 376 CID 590 HP LS3 Turn-Key Package will have a lopey idle and will require a minimum of a 2,800 RPM stall speed torque converter. I have a 2007 tahoe ltz 5. It will include the following items: GM LS-Based Aluminum Engine Block; Texas Speed & Performance Forged 4. If you have high mileage ( over 100K) I would recommend not using synthetic as it tends to clean the inside of your engine, removing sludge, and on the process may cause small oil leaks,(where the sludge stopped any leaks. Just make sure you get the oil that's designed for high mileage vehicles. The 4L65E 2WD SSMega Monster transmission is ideal for vehicles powered by 4. Since high-grade diesel oil does protect the engine and can deliver a quieter, cleaner and less smelly performance, these don’t last long as the oil becomes old. 1. Oil Change Procedure. So, if you have your oil changed every 5,000 miles, you could be more than 1 quart low which would be acceptable. SC ProChargers are lubricated by a special, high-quality synthetic oil, engineered for high-speed use. 125" Connecting Rods Read on to learn more about the 10 Best Chevrolet Engines in this feature article from the automotive experts at Automobile Magazine. Enter Melling’s new line of oil pumps. I bought a new Oldsmobile Cutlass in 1978. Check out free battery charging and engine diagnostic testing while you are in store. best oil for high mileage ls1

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